DevSecOps Transformation for Regional Healthcare Insurance Provider

TETRANCE Consulting

TETRANCE Consulting Provides RoadMap and Key Success Criteria in Large Corporate DevSecOps Initiative


A large regional health insurance provider’s Business Transformation Office (BTO) decided to implement agile and DevSecOps across the entire organization. The BTO team needed support to understand the baseline and current maturity levels for several groups. The overall objective was to provide a level of actionable detail to speed up the DevSecOps transition.

TETRANCE Consulting has a significant on-site presence at the organization and earned a solid reputation from numerous successful engagements. Based on this, the client selected TETRANCE as their partner for this critical initiative.

  • Assessing the DevOps maturity levels
  • Overcoming the Dev versus OPS mentality
  • Increased attention to the tools implemented rather than process
  • Cultural fear and resistance to change
  • Moving from legacy infrastructure to microservices

TETRANCE’s Cloud & Operations practice worked closely with both the BTO stakeholders and targeted teams within the IT organization. The end-to-end project was completed in just over 12 weeks and went through three distinct phases:


The objective of the first phase was to gain insights into the organization’s baseline understanding of DevSecOps processes, technologies, and behaviors. The project targeted four teams and over 60 interviews. The outcome of this effort established a set of common feedback, DevSecOps awareness, and culture within the respective teams. The results enabled TETRANCE Consulting to create a ‘word map’ of themes for each team as a mechanism to communicate both within the specific groups and management.

Sample 'word map' of themes for each team as a mechanism to communicate both within the specific groups and management

Baseline and Scoring

The TETRANCE team was able to leverage this data and process information collected to create a maturity matrix profile for each group. The maturity matrix framed the competencies for each team, then TETRANCE balanced that against 110 DevOps indicators broken into categories around tools/technology, process, and people.

An example scorecard was provided to the team to establish a baseline, identify existing backlogs, and begin to incorporate future planned work.

Prioritization and Implementation Planning

With all teams baseline information established, TETRANCE was able to create a set of recommendations to prioritize the transformation work. Similar to the scorecard example, this included existing backlog details easily incorporated into the organization’s transformation roadmap, streamlining the process moving forward.


The outcome of the engagement provided several critical attributes to the client team; First, it offered an unbiased outside perspective on the maturity and readiness for the DevSecOps transformation within the organization. Second, it provided a baseline level and score for each team to reference as the groups continued to progress. Lastly, TETRANCE was able to prioritize the actionable changes and provide specifics directly into backlog items for each team to enable them to progress forward proactively.


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